Adrienne Beauty Salon

Exfoliation System

The Liberator Intensive Skin Renewal System from Janssen Cosmetics is NOW HERE!

This new intensive exfoliation system of 8 treatments over 4 weeks

is fantastic for clients with scarring, pigmentation, lines and wrinkles,

lack of elasticity, blemishes and tired, pale complexions. It is safe,

comfortable, affordable and quick with the sessions taking less than

30 minutes each time.

The system consists of:

  • A FREE thorough consultation to evaluate your suitability/sensitivity to

the treatment and includes a patch test with 40% Fruit Acids.

This also covers your pre and post care needs. This is performed

at least a week before you wish to start treatments

  • Deep Cleansing – With Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Fruit Acids
  • Application % Fruit Acid for your skin’s needs as determined in

the consultation

  • Application of neutraliser
  • Short massage with soothing desensitising intensive serum

to calm and protect

  • Application of soothing eye treatment serum
  • Application of UVA and UVB filters and SPF to protect


Using 30%, 40% or ^0% mixture of nature identical fruit acids.


The action of the fruit acid prevents the sebum gland excretion ducts from clogging ( blackheads). 

The size of skin pores will be reduced. 


Boosting collagen and elastin syntheses. The skin regenerates from the inside out. 


Increased moisture content and reduction  in the depth of wrinkles. 


Pigmentation disorders (age spots) are removed from the surface. 
48-hour patch test required.

Your Intensive Exfoliation System consisting of

8 treatments is – ONLY £395


Receive your home care package ABSOLUTELY FREE! consisting of 3 full size products designed to protect your skin after the treatment valued at